USB Pedometer


  • • Track distance traveled and calories burned
  • • Data can be uploaded to your computer
  • • Stores 7 days of information on the unit display
  • • LCD Clock (hour/minute) + Alarm
  • • Keep track of your activity levels and monitor your fitness goals
  • • Set a daily target and an alarm on the pedometer will sound and tell you if the target is met

USB Pedometer

Activity Gauge With Pc Connection

The ION Health USB PEDOMETER is the easiest way to attain your fitness goals. Simply carry it with you. As you exercise, the total distance you travel and calories you burn are recorded within the device. The ION Health USB Pedometer's Any-Wear system makes full use of its included accelerometer technology. The light, compact USB Pedometer can be carried around your neck, in a bag, pocket or anything else to allow a tremendous amount of flexibility and convenience. No special equipment or positioning is required for the ION Health USB Pedometer to accurately track your distance and calorie loss.

With the ION Health USB PEDOMETER, you can also set a target for the amount of exercise you need to meet your fitness goals. If you meet your target, an alarm on the pedometer will go off and you can relax and enjoy the rest of the day knowing you’re on your way to getting the results you want.

Plug the ION Health USB Pedometer into your computer and your progress is uploaded to the included software. Track your results to achieve and maintain your health goals. You can also stay on track by sharing your results with family and friends via email.

When it comes to your health, don’t guess. Make sure you're on track and meeting your fitness goals with the ION Health USB PEDOMETER.

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