USB Insta-scan Digital Thermometer


  • • Captures temperature readings and uploads data via USB to a computer
  • • Convenient and accurate, reads temperature from the ear
  • • Included ION Health Suite software helps monitor measurements and organize results
  • • Temperature readings can be stored in the instrument's internal memory

USB Insta-scan Thermometer

Contactless Thermometer With PC Connection

ION Health's USB Insta-scan Thermometer is an easy-to-use thermometer that allows you to capture temperature readings from your ear.

ION Health's USB Insta-scan Thermometer is the only computer-based, digital ear thermometer system that comes with everything you need. Simplify your life and throw out those log books. Capture and store your results in the thermometer. When you're ready, connect the unit to your computer to quickly access and analyze your results.

ION Health's Insta-scan Thermometer includes ION's Health Suite software which enables you to analyze your health statistics and share those results with your physician, pharmacy or fitness professional. Why wait to share your temperature with your doctor when you can send your results via email with the click of a mouse?

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